Rumor: The Last Of Us Multiplayer And SP Plot Leaked

A user has uncovered some leaked data sourced within the God of War: Ascension disc that gives us insight on never before revealed details about The Last Of Us multiplayer and single player. Uncharted3Hacks.DE, a sketchy looking site, decodes what seems to be extensive details regarding single player weapon craftsmanship as well as multiplayer weapons and boosters for The Last Of Us. All the info below is from a March 13th build so the user speculates some things may have changed.
Update: This is a warning to those of you that are interested in the story of The Last Of Us. The cutscene titles of the game were leaked in the strings that were removed in the original post seen below, however the information is still out there. The leaked titles will spoil the entire game.  Check out the log below.


I decided to look inside the game files of God of War: Ascension for the TLOU demo countdown files, and I ended up finding it in the Naughty Dog engine. This means there were some files left behind from the actual game that can reveal new things.


These were mostly text and code files, with some image files, so it wasn’t very big compared to GoW:A, and it revealed many things.


NOTE: Everything here is from a month-old (or more) build, as of Mar 12 2013, so any information is not final and will most likely change by the time the game is released or when the info is revealed.




You can craft:


Smoke Bombs
Molotov Cocktails
Proximity Mines


Semi-auto Assault Rifle
Shotgun Pistol (Pistole from UC3)
9mm Pistol
Revolver Pistol

Cutscene titles in order (Spoilers!)

Edited out by moderator




You can mark enemies.
Listen mode will allow you to “see” enemies by listening. The range for this is short, and you are physically handicapped when in this mode. Hold R2 for Listen mode.
There will be a radar.
You can get more info from the booster descriptions below:

The Last of Us Multiplayer Boosters:

Group Mark – When you add a marker, all surrounding enemies are marked as well.
Move Quietly – Make less noise when moving.
Combo Boost – Start with a larger combo multiplier.
Heal Friends – Health Kits heal nearby friends.
Combo Time – Longer combo window.
Melee Health – Get health back with each hit you land in melee combat.
Mark Awareness – You can mark enemies through walls in Listen Mode.

Other booster descriptions (no names):

Item pick-ups appear behind walls in Listen Mode.
Slowly zoom while aiming any pistol.
Upgrade melee weapons faster.
Teammates within 5 meters also receive items you craft.
Aim faster from behind cover.
Know when enemies mark you.
Non-weapon item pick-ups are displayed on your radar.
Weapon pick ups are displayed on your radar.
Recoil is reduced in cover.
Revive fallen teammates faster, give them more HP, and get more XP.
Sprint without showing on enemy radar.
Teammates see enemies glow when you mark them.
All enemies within 10 meters are displayed on radar.
Shoot without showing on enemy radar.
Reduce the distance that others can see you through walls in Listen Mode.
Your markers remain 10 seconds longer.
Modded melee weapons are more durable.
Reinforced Melee Weapons Move faster in Listen Mode.
Increase the visible distance in Listen Mode.

Teams: (Not sure how this works)

Team Bows: You and your teammates each start with a Bow and 5 arrows.
Team Rifles: You and your teammates each start with a Rifle and 5 bullets.
Team Shotguns: You and your teammates each start with a Shotgun and 5 shells.
Team Health Kits: You and your teammates each start with a Health Kit.
Team Revolvers: You and your teammates each start with a Revolver and 5 bullets.
Team 9mm’s: You and your teammates each start with a 9mm Pistol and 5 bullets.
Team Bombs: You and your teammates each start with a Bomb.
Team Smoke Bombs: You and your teammates each start with a Smoke Bomb.
Team Molotovs: You and your teammates each start with a Molotov.

Source: Uncharted3Hacks
via: Neogaf

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