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This week, our Scorpion team branched out of their comfort zones in more than one way in “Sun of a Gun.” We got to meet Sylvester’s dad and get a glimpse into his childhood. Walter decided to try out speed dating which went about as well as expected. Toby caught a cold being Walter’s wingman and was the lone team member back at the garage.

Cabe brought the new case to the team and specifically asked if Sylvester was around. Of course, as paranoid as he is, Sly knew that something must be up. When he read the file, Sly was emphatic about not working this case. Moments later, Colonel Kenneth Dodd walks in, and Sly is noticeably uncomfortable. He tries to get out of going to Africa to retrieve a very mysterious weapon called a Sun Gun, but Sly is needed.

President Desta Rahal has graciously allowed the Scorpion team to survey his compound, but he has no idea that they are really there to see if he has a top secret weapon that could destroy an entire city. Colonel Dodd is convinced that President Rahal has uncovered a secret World War II weapon of mass destruction, even though Sylvester is convinced that his father is only chasing a fairytale. If it were real, the sun gun could use a concentrated beam of sunlight to take out an entire city. Satellite feeds show a small version of this happening on the President’s compound.


In true Scorpion fashion, the fairytale is no myth. It turns out that the President truly has uncovered and found a way to start building a sun gun. He’s extremely happy to have Walter in his house because he believes that they are almost equals. The President claims to have an IQ of 203 which as we know is superior to Walter’s IQ of 197. Walter almost starts laughing at this statement before Paige make sure that he plays into the President’s ego.

As usual, hilarity ensues and the Scorpion craziness that we’ve come to love is present in every scene. Walter gets offered a job to help the President build a rocket, and he accepts the offer to make sure that the President still loves him. Happy has to dance with the President to steal his watch with the gate codes for their quick getaway. Sylvester and his father get themselves stuck in mortar with seemingly no way out. I almost chuckled to myself when I thought of how they could get out a good ten minutes before they figured it out. Those trapped minutes at least allowed Sly and his father to talk and get to know one another again. Colonel Dodd even said that their family probably wasn’t the right family for Sly, but he was happy that Sly found a new family with Team Scorpion. And, that’s what this episode is all about. Watch the entire episode to see all of the ridiculous positions in which the team finds themselves.


One of the best nuances in the episode were the scenes where Ralph was taking care of an ill stricken Toby. Ralph brings him soup and gives Toby his favorite cartoons to keep him comfortable. Toby is shocked that Ralph could know all of his favorite things to make him feel better, but Happy was really the one behind the comforts. She told Ralph that she’s falling for Toby, and he replies in the best childish answer, “Ew!” But the rest of us will just sit quietly with a big grin on our faces.

I’m hoping that in the next episode we can see Happy and Toby go out on a real date. Maybe this time Toby won’t fall asleep and miss the entire date either. I want them to have a real chance this time. Walter and Paige on the other hand are both a mess. Paige is still convincing herself that they agreed to be friends no matter what. Walter is just doing everything he can to be more social. He goes speed dating, and it’s a disaster. How did he not see this coming? I’m glad to see Walter become more social, but can he please just try and date Paige? It’s going to happen eventually right?

Editor's Rating

Overall 80%
It was another fun week for the Scorpion team. We have been getting to see Sylvester come out of his comfort zone just about every week, and I truly enjoyed a brief look into his childhood. His dad was man enough to admit that he wasn’t the best father, and Sly is forgiving enough to understand. I really hope we can explore Toby’s and Paige’s childhood. We have gotten to see brief glimpses of just about everyone else. What else do you want to see from the Scorpion team? Keep tuning in for more fun and crazy cases with these geniuses.
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