nba live 14 first look
18 Sep 2013

NBA Live 14 First Look Trailer

EA returns to the NBA Live series this year with the latest entry powered by their new sports engine, Ignite. Unlike NBA 2K14, Live 14 is natively built on next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One. While this trailer looks great, it’ll be hard to judge this one until it launches

18 Sep 2013

Sonic Lost World – TGS Trailer

The Nintendo exclusive Sonic Lost World has been dubbed “Sonic Mario Galaxy” since its first reveal. This is far from being a bad thing; Sonic Lost World easily looks like Super Mario Galaxy supercharged with the essence of Sonic, shown clearly in the level design and 2D/3D transversal gameplay elements.

17 Sep 2013

Atlus Is Merging Into SEGA

Atlus, known for the popular Persona series will be merging into SEGA according to a report out of Nikkei, a Japanese media corporation. Atlus’s parent company, Index Corporation, is making steps towards transferring management of the Atlus subsidiarity to Sega Sammy (SEGA’s parent company). Prior to SEGA’s 14 billion yen (US$141

11 Sep 2013

Square Enix Trademarks Deus Ex Universe And New Hitman Games

Square Enix seems to be preparing for multiple new titles under their Deus Ex and Hitman series. Today it’s been uncovered that they trademarked a new title “Deus Ex Universe”, which isn’t a stretch to assume it’s an online title by the sound of it, along with Hitman Sniper/Go respectively.

10 Sep 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts Goes To Space, New Trailer

Call of Duty: Ghosts takes the battlefield to new heights, literally. The confrontation in this new COD: Ghosts trailer starts within a United States space station, Odin, which seems to be equipped with massive weapons capable of leveling entire cities. The trailer also offers a glimpse at the plot for

09 Sep 2013

New PS VITA Model PCH-2000 Announced

Sony has kicked off their Tokyo Games Show press briefing with the announcement of a new PS VITA Model that is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than its predecessor. Likely more surprising than the announcement of the refined PS VITA is that, Sony opted for an LCD display instead of

07 Sep 2013

Drake Makes A FIFA 14 TV Spot Cameo

October’s Very Own Drake is no stranger to football, and EA is no stranger to pop culture. EA has teamed up with Drake for the promotion of FIFA 14 since it’s E3 2013 presentation where he even took the stage on their behalf. Hopefully Drake Instagrams all the FIFA 14