08 Oct 2014

Driveclub, Stalling At The Starting Line

After The Crew was so abruptly delayed, again, the only racer we had to look forward to was Driveclub. Well, looks like those that opted to take advantage of the PS+ Edition may have to wait quite a bit longer. At the moment, Driveclubs’ servers are taking a hit, rendering

15 May 2014

New High Quality Driveclub Footage Available

Sony has updated Driveclub official site today with some really high quality videos of Driveclub in action. The footage shows off real time weather effects and real crisp picture quality. You can check out the latest footage over at the Official Driveclub site which can be found here. For more

01 May 2014

More Info on PS+ Version of Driveclub Revealed

While it did take a long time for actual info on Driveclub release date which is now October 7th. Sony has also released more info on the PS+ version they were touting at launch of the Playstation 4. PS+ version of Driveclub will include 10 cars and one country, which

29 Apr 2014

DRIVECLUB Releases October 7th, 2014

PS4’s long awaited racing exclusive, DRIVECLUB, has just been announced to release [update: October 7th, 2014 (US)] October 8th, 2014 in Europe. Yes, what was originally intended as a launch title game has now been pushed back all the way to October, basically making it one of PS4’s holiday 2014

26 Mar 2014

DriveClub Game Director Leaves Evolution Studios

DriveClub, Playstation 4’s troubled exclusive racer has lost it’s game director. Col Rodgers has said that he left Evolution Studios for personal reasons, and is still on good terms with Sony but his departure is a scary indicator that DriveClub could be destined for more than just a return to

06 Nov 2013

New Driveclub Trailer: BMW 2 Series Coupe

Here’s a new trailer showing off the BMW 2 Series Coupe in Driveclub. It looks like the delay has given Evolution Studios enough time to polish and give us a graphical showcase. Check out the trailer below and lookout for Driveclub Q1 2014.

18 Oct 2013

DRIVECLUB Gets Delayed Into 2014

PlayStation has just announced the official delay of DRIVECLUB which will now be releasing in 2014. The developers at Evolution Studios note that they’ll need more time to develop the game and to surpass expectations. As a way to cope with the DRIVECLUB delay Sony will be releasing two games,

13 Sep 2013

New DriveClub Footage Shows Day To Night Transition

As teased yesterday, DriveClub debuts new footage today showing the transition from day to night. Things you should note about the video below: there are features within DriveClub that allow you to customize weather and accelerate time. In this particular scene, while driving the Audi R8 V10, the sun sets

12 Sep 2013

DriveClub Night Time Gameplay Teased

Driving enthusiasts get ready to have your belly buttons tickled. PS4’s DriveClub is nearly ready to unveil nighttime racing which will give us a wider scope of what the game is graphically capable of. DriveClub’s official Facebook fanpage will share time trial footage of an Audi R8 V10 in Chile

21 Feb 2013

DriveClub PS4 Announcement Trailer

Evolution Studios debuted a new IP that embraces the world of motor vehicles, DriveClub. DriveClub is being touted as a “socially connected” racing game that, in trailer, shows all aspects of you actually driving your favorite super car. Attention to detail is superb, as during its presentation on the #PlayStation2013 stage