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11 Jun 2015

Street Fighter V Trailer Shows You Its Battle System

Here’s a look at Street Fighter V Battle System with some new gameplay footage, we covered the gameplay system in our earlier story . Now you can check it out in full video form above. Stay tuned with Dual Pixels as we will have more info straight from E3 for Street

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11 Jun 2015

Shadow Warrior 2 Officially announced. Prepare for more Wang!

  When you have twice the wang, you have twice the bang. Flying Hog Studios and 3D realms have officially announced Shadow Warrior 2 for PC and next-gen platforms. The news comes after teases began surfacing on the games’ facebook and twitter accounts. A new logo and tease of a

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11 Jun 2015

Street Fighter V New Screens Galore

Just in time for E3. Here’s a ton of new images of Street Fighter V. We also have a few new details regarding gameplay mechanics at our earlier story. Check it out here.

Shantae: Half Genie Hero
10 Jun 2015

E3 2015: Shantae: Half Genie Hero Trailer

Check out Wayforward latest 2-D adventure featuring everyones favorite half genie Shantae in her first HD outing. Here’s the E3 2015 trailer and also backers who pledged $45 and up on Kickstarter are now getting their demo codes in, so check that out if you haven’t. No release date has