12 Jun 2016

EA Channeling Their Inner 2K, Adding Story Mode to Fifa

During EA’s pre-E3 presser, they revealed that Fifa will get a new mode similar to the  “MyCarrer” mode of the NBA 2K series. It is unclear whether each story will unfold with a player created character, but it seems you will have to take control of Alex Hunter. While I

26 Sep 2015

Footy Magic, or Snake oil? | Fifa 16 Review

The BPL has been underway for a couple weeks now. Ronaldo is pulling more hat tricks than a magician, and Mourinho is clashing with, well everyone. It must be football season, and that means one thing. Fifa is back! Fifa has always been an interesting game for me. Having actually

22 Sep 2015

Fifa 16 Review, Where art thou?

It’s always difficult to determine how much gameplay time is “enough” for a review. But personally, I’d much rather spend too much time than not enough; which is why we will be sitting on the full review of Fifa 16 for a couple more days. Surely I could give you