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01 Dec 2014

GTA V: Second Time’s the Charm? | PS4 Review

Rockstar North are the closest thing our medium has to ‘auteurs’ of the open world genre. Every single one of their games, regardless of its setting, is packed to the gills with increasing levels of nuanced detail only limited by technological feasibility. Despite whatever limitations they might have faced, when GTA

05 Nov 2014

Grand Theft Auto 5 Comparison Video

If you weren’t sold on Grand Theft Auto’s updated version for next gen, the newest video may just change your mind. The new video, posted below, showcases the changes between the PS3 and PS4 versions. With the reveal of first-person mode yesterday, which can be found by clicking here, it’s

04 Nov 2014

GTA V Brings You Mayhem In First-Person

Those of you who didn’t think you were going to double-dip on GTA V’s next gen offering might have to think again. While the game is getting a slew of enhancements and, of course, the graphical upgrade, it’s also getting the option to be played in first-person. You heard that