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14 Sep 2016

Lady Killer 2 #2 | Review

Lady Killer creator, Joelle Jones, crafted the world in which a 50s-60s era “housewife” has a deadly secret. From a hit woman for hire, more or less, to her solo ventures, Josie’s world is full of murder, dark humor and tupperware parties. Setting the series in such a timeframe was

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03 Aug 2016

Lady Killer 2 # 1 | Review

Lady Killer 2 #1 <slight spoilers for Lady Killer 1 and heavy spoilers for Lady Killer 2 #1 follow> Josie Schuller ended her first dive into the graphic novel world in bloody fashion when she unceremoniously got rid of her previous employer. Now, she and her loving family moved to

28 Jul 2016

Lady Killer 2 Interview with Joëlle Jones at SDCC 2016

San Diego Comic Con is the bastion of immense talent just spilling through all corners of the convention center, and we were given the chance to interview one of our favorite creative talents at the Con, Joëlle Jones. Joëlle is best known for her series published by Dark Horse, Ladykiller,