21 Feb 2017

Evil Rip | Legends of Tomorrow “Turncoat” Review

The latest Legends of Tomorrow episode deals with saving George Washington on Christmas in 1776. I’m not entirely sure why the Christmas episode was so late, over a month and a half, but it still provided for an interesting, if not “by the numbers” episode. It would be easy to

29 Jan 2017

Inspiration | Legends of Tomorrow “Raiders of The Lost Art”

As the title suggests, this episode is a deep homage to one of the greatest artists of our time, George Lucas. At first, the Lucas homage is laid out nicely, but it quickly turns a bit too intense and ups the campy factor too much for my liking. The goal

24 Jan 2017

Rum Running | Legends of Tomorrow “The Chicago Way” Review

The midseason finale for Legends of Tomorrow takes us to one of the most unique places in American history, the prohibition era, 1927 Chicago to be exact. While the show usually does a fantastic job of taking us to unique locations each episode, they really nailed it in this episode.

08 Jan 2017

LTTP: Aberrations | Legends of Tomorrow “Invasion” Review

The DC Series on the CW have delivered a speculator, dare I say unprecedented 4-way crossover series, but did “Invasion” live up to the lofty expectations of the crossover? More or yes, certainly. The main difficulty of having such an extensive crossover is the fear of overstuffing an episode and

01 Dec 2016

Deja Vu | Legends of Tomorrow “Outlaw Country” Review

Legends of Tomorrow has done a great job of traversing various times and locations all throughout history, but how would things go if they went back to a very similar era where they’ve already been? My feelings are a bit mixed on the Legends going to Liberty, Colorado 1874; yes,