24 Mar 2014

Games You Should Have On PS4

Usually with the launch of a new console, or device , theres never really any worthwhile games to play on them for some time. With the PS4  flying off the shelves left and right. What games should you invest in, in order to make your PS4 all it can be.

15 Jan 2014

1st Wave Of New Killzone: Shadow Fall Maps Revealed

Guerrilla Games made an early promise to Killzone: Shadow Fall fans that they wouldn’t inadvertently bring apartheid to the community by offering future map packs at a cost to players. Today GG revealed the first two maps that’ll expand Killzone: Shadow Fall’s current 10 count of playable multiplayer maps. The

28 Oct 2013

Killzone Shadow Fall Available Next Week

With the next gen all so close to reaching our homes, GameStop is already making it more apparent with the release of Killzone Shadow Fall later next week on November 5th. Run and get your copy because greatness awaits! As the Playstation 4 releases November 15th.

26 Oct 2013

More Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Forest Map Footage

A yet to be named, as far as I know, Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer map that mirrors the single player forest we’ve seen in single-player previews has just gotten more quality footage. Guerrilla Games’ decision to keep all weapons unlocked from the time you jump into multiplayer benefits everyone who’s

21 Oct 2013

Killzone: Shadow Fall Is Now Gold

PS4 showcase launch title, Killzone: Shadow Fall is now gold. If you’ve been on Dual Pixels for the past few months, Killzone: Shadow Fall needs no introduction. Guerrilla Games’ product is now complete and ready for PS4’s November 15th launch.   As a bonus, check out GTTV’s exclusive video preview of

30 Sep 2013

Guerrilla Games Confirms New IP In The Works

Guerrilla Games has confirmed that they are not only working on Killzone but on another mysterious ip. Coming from a interview from Eurogamer at EGX 2013 Lead Designer at Guerrilla Games mentioned “As a studio we do want to branch out, and we have started work on a new IP,

24 Sep 2013

Killzone Shadow Fall Gets Season Pass And New Trailer

Killzone: Shadow Fall launches with the release of PS4 in just over a month. It’s amazing to think in 2009 I was playing Killzone 2, yet it only feels like a couple months ago. Post launch support is confirmed with the announcement of Killzone Shadow Fall’s season pass for £15.99/$19.99.

20 Aug 2013

Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer Trailer

As a Killzone multiplayer enthusiast, I will probably be Shadow Fall’s biggest critic when it launches alongside PlayStation 4 later this year. It seems Guerrilla Games will be having a large focus of Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer on customization of matches with new features built around creating your own Warzone.

12 Jun 2013

E3 2013: New Killzone Shadow Fall Screenshots

If Star Wars and Killzone had a baby it would looking exactly like Killzone Shadow Falls. Killzone Shadow Falls is launching with the Playstation 4 coming this fall, Guerilla Games is trying to get Shadow Falls to run at 60 fps just in time for launch. What do you think

20 Feb 2013

Killzone Shadow Fall Gameplay Video

Guerrilla Games has released the gameplay video for Killzone Shadow Fall using PlayStation’s share button.