20 Feb 2017

PewDiePie vs The WSJ?…yeah.

Surely if you’ve been on the internet for the past couple days, you would have seen the Wall Street Journal piece of YouTube Megastar PewDiePie titled “Disney Severs Ties With YouTube star PewDiePie After Anti-Semitic Posts.” The main “post” or more accurately YouTube video, in question dealt with PewDiePie giving

31 Jul 2013

Let’s Play DayZ: How to Install and Get DayZ Running

Here’s a new series of videos were launching called Let’s Play in this particular video we have Mike O’Hare (AKA MrTAmaster92) Playing DayZ for PC and sharing the fundamentals on how to get started with this behemoth of a game. DayZ is set in a post apocalyptic world in which

16 Apr 2013

Rooster Teeth Announces New Youtube Strategy And Content Development!

Rooster Teeth Productions, the online entertainment giant behind the award-winning web series Red vs. Blue, is proud to announce a major new development in the company’s 10-year history.  The Rooster Teeth YouTube channel, which has grown to become the #15 most watched YouTube channel of all time, the #19 most subscribed to