09 Jun 2015

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Officially Announced

Today, Electronic Arts officially unveiled the name for the followup to 2008’s Mirror’s Edge, titled Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Nothing has really been known, or said, about Catalyst since the game was announced two years ago; but DICE is set to show off the game, next week at E3 2015. Sara

26 Mar 2015

In the Line of Duty | Battlefield: Hardline Review

Battlefield Hardline is the first time the Battlefield series goes behind the badge. But when the dust is settled is the game a Law and Order contender, or is it just an NYPD BLEW? Story is Battlefield Hardline’s weakest attribute. It’s stuck somewhere between trying to be an in-your-face action movie

18 Mar 2015

The Empire Lies in Ruins | Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Review

Dynasty Warriors is a long running series that I have never really played. When I worked at GameStop, the series would have their small group of dedicated fans that would come in and excitedly ask for the next iteration. Often I would look perplexed at the endless titles, rivaling Street

16 Mar 2015

Positively Prehistoric! | New Lego Jurassic World Trailer

Check out the new gameplay and story trailer, featuring Jurassic Park 1, for the upcoming Lego Jurassic World here. Lego Jurassic World is going to span all four movies in the franchise, including the all-new installment Jurassic World. Still no concrete release date has been given for the title. Just

09 Mar 2015

Toukiden: Kiwami Demo Dated For March 25

Koei Tecmo has just revealed that a demo for Toukiden: Kiwami will be released on March 25 (NA) for PS4 and PSVita. Getting your hands on the demo will allow you to experience a large portion of the game and allow you to carry over certain items to the main

04 Mar 2015

Metal Gear Solid V Gets a Fancy Special Edition

Launching alongside the regular retail and digital editions September 1st, Konami announced today a special edition to Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. The special edition SKU will be available for the PS4 and the Xbox One and will retail at $99.99. Check the image below for the contents.  

02 Mar 2015

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Coming to PS4

The Final Fantasy X/X-2 remaster will be coming to North American PS4s on May 12th. The remaster will not only include both games with increased graphical enhancements, but offer a new feature exclusive to this version; the ability to switch between the original games’ soundtrack and the remastered tunes. On

25 Feb 2015

Dragon Quest Heroes Fighting its Way to the West

Square Enix today has announced that its Dragon Quest/Dynasty Warriors crossover will be coming to North America and Europe some time in 2015. No exact date has been given. The hack-and-slash game will be available digitally on PlayStation Network and in a physical form as well exclusively on PlayStation 4.

13 Feb 2015

New Gameplay Footage of MLB 15 The Show

Here comes a new trailer from Sony of its critically acclaimed baseball series MLB 15 The Show. It will be releasing March 31st exclusively on Playstation3, Playstation 4, and PS Vita.

03 Feb 2015

Dual Review | Dying Light

With the absolute glut of zombie related games, does Dying Light have what it takes to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack? Or is it just shuffling it’s feet without it’s head? Story Plainly put, the story is horrible. You play as Kyle Crane, undercover operative

30 Jan 2015

Brick By Brick: Lego Jurassic World and Lego Marvel’s Avengers Announced

Earlier today, Warner Bros. announced Lego Jurassic World and a sequel to 2013’s Lego Marvel Superheroes titled Lego Marvel’s Avengers. The Lego Jurassic World game is going to follow the story of all three previous Jurassic Park films as well as the upcoming movie. The game should be out in

22 Jan 2015

Ghoulish New Dying Light Gameplay Trailer!

Check out the new Dying Light gameplay trailer below featuring zombie survival methods. Dying Light is crawling its way to the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on January 27th in North America.