11 Nov 2014

More Reasons To Game On The Go New 2DS Colors From The 90s

Nintendo adds these new colors directly from the 90s era for the Nintendo 2DS. Coming in Crystal Red and Crystal Blue in celebration of the launch of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Saphire. Europe on the other hand gets Pokemon bundled with the new colors. The two new 2DS

14 Jul 2014

Mega Metagross Gameplay Trailer | Pokemon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire

Yup, it floats like a Magnemite. Mega Metagross has been formally unveiled by Nintendo of America in a trailer featuring not only this new Mega Evolution, but the return of Hoenn’s beloved gym leaders and Elite Four. Those of you who played the original Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire may be

11 Jul 2014

New Pokemon Revealed – Mega Metagross

You get a Mega Evolution, You Get A MEGA EVOLUTION! Mega Metagross will be making its way into Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as a Coro-Coro leak confirmed the newly discovered Pokemon. Originally introduced in Pokemon X & Y, Mega Evolutions will be rampant in the Ruby & Sapphire