21 May 2019

Mortal Kombat XI #1, Days Gone Comes in Second, and The Nintendo Switch The Best Selling Console In April

Here are all the NPD sales reports for all consoles for the U.S for the month of April. Mortal Kombat XI swoops in at number #1 on the top 20 list with its release on all major consoles. Second goes to Days Gone Sony’s Exclusive open world zombie action title.

22 May 2018

April NPD 2018: Sony’s God of War Dominates the Charts

Sony has now shattered records in April’s NPD Sales. With God of War dominating the sales charts for April being the highest selling exclusive on any Sony console and PS4 selling the most software ever in April topping out the Xbox 360 record in April 2008. Far Cry 5 comes in

31 Jul 2013

Wii U Sales Numbers Continue To Suffer

As if more bad news couldn’t come out of Nintendo. Nintendo of Japan has just released sales numbers for the Wii U Between April and June, and its not looking good. Worldwide the Wii U has shipped 160k in the course of 3 months compared to the Xbox 360 and