10 Feb 2016

Todd McFarlane Toys Teams Up With Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment, the folks behind Titanfall, have announced a partnership with Todd McFarlane. The union will see McFarlane’s aptly named company Todd McFarlane Toys seeing production of action figures from the as yet unannounced Titanfall 2. The original Titanfall came out for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC through

06 Jun 2014

Aaron Paul Pushes Titanfall & The $399.99 Xbox One

Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad, but formally Aaron Paul, has a new commercial featuring the Kinect-less Xbox One at $399.99 and Microsoft’s catalyst title Titanfall by Respawn Entertainment. Aaron’s probably the guy you’d want spectating while you’re rallying a bunch of other players in any shooter for his crude humor

22 Feb 2014

Xbox Mag Reassures Halo 5 Coming In 2014

Xbox Magazine’s latest issue covers the launch of Xbox One’s forefront title Titanfall — you know that spiritual successor to Call of Duty by its original creators. Xbox Magazine has an exclusive Titanfall story to coincide with the games release, but they also took the time to give fans a

17 Feb 2014

Titanfall Beta First Impressions

Titanfall of Duty? While I watched the E3 2013 reveal with great interest due to the asymmetrical nature of the combat and incredible mobility of those otherwise outgunned little army men I was not slavering at the mouth when the Titanfall beta was announced last week. I think that my

15 Feb 2014

Come One, Come All, Titanfall For Everyone

If you weren’t fortunate enough to snag a beta code for Respawn Entertainment’s new game, Titanfall, you are in luck! Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn, has just tweeted that they will be putting their servers through a “max stress test” and opening it up to all Xbox One users. PC

03 Feb 2014

Titanfall Only Launching With 3 Titans

More details on Titanfall are slowly revealing, the latest is the confirmation on how many titans are in the game. Community Manager Abbie Heppe has mentioned on her twitter about only having three titans available. The three Titans  each have their own unique traits, it should give enough variety in

08 Jan 2014

Titanfall Multiplayer Is Only 6v6, The Internet Goes Crazy

Yesterday, Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment dropped a small bit of details on Titanfall’s multiplayer stating that only supports up to 6 vs. 6 in competitive modes. And…the internet did as the internet does. Twitter and gaming forums across the net released a collective hysteria retarding Titanfall (a game they

09 Dec 2013

Titanfall Trailers For Ogre And Stryder Classes

Hammond Robotics has manufactured two new types of Titans that will hit the battlefield on your behalf; introducing Stryder and Ogre. As their names suggest, the Ogre class is a heavy armed vehicle that’ll cause massive damage to your opponents at a cost of speed, Stryder on the contrary is

30 Oct 2013

Titanfall is Xbox One Exclusive For The First Release

Titanfall by Respawn Entertainment was one of the most highly anticipated game releases before it even had a name. Now that it’s in public knowledge, many wondered why the game would only appear on Xbox One despite former Infinity Ward’s personnel (now Respawn Entertainment) huge following on PlayStation 3 with

06 Oct 2013

Titanfall Developer Presentation And New Gameplay

Respawn Entertainment recently held a large presentation at the EB Games Expo where they gave many new details about Titanfall, Xbox One’s 2014 killer app. Titanfall ascends traditional FPS titles with transversal gameplay featuring fast paced wall running, building hopping combat with large mechs (Titans) commanding the battlefield. Titans aren’t

20 Aug 2013

Titanfall Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

Titanfall is rapidly beginning to look like the best rebound in gaming history. Respawn Entertainment’s irony in their name is no joke as they’re bringing it all to the table, with what looks to be, Xbox One’s killer app. Titanfall combines traditional FPS gameplay with transversal combat and the use

06 Jun 2013

TitanFall Revealed, Respawn Entertainment’s Xbox One Exclusive

TitanFall leaked today and it is Respawn Entertainment’s first game set to make a debut exclusively on Xbox One. Game Informer let the cat out of the bag a bit early but as a result everyone has gotten early insight on TitanFall prior to its official reveal. When the small