02 Nov 2015

Dead Not Alive | The Blacklist “Arioch Cain” Review

This week on The Blacklist, Liz and Red are in quite a sticky situation. “Arioche Cain” is targeting Liz and has put her on a website on the dark web with a $700,000 bounty for whoever kills her. The other crazy thing is that this bounty was crowd funded. It

19 Oct 2015

Seed of Doubt | The Blacklist “Eli Matchett” Review

The Blacklist delivered more of a filler episode in “Eli Matchett.” The story is still moving along, and Red and Liz are still trying to clear her name and take down the Cabal. Tom Keen is back in town and more determined than ever to help Liz. On the other

13 Oct 2015

All Kinds of Wrong | The Blacklist “Marvin Gerard” Review

The Blacklist is coming out swinging this season. They debuted another great episode in “Marvin Gerard.” The actual Blacklist is starting to becoming much more gray. It used to be very black and white. These men and women on the blacklist were terrible people; they were the worst of the

04 Oct 2015

Asylum | The Blacklist “The Troll Farmer” Review

James Spader is back! The Blacklist debuted its third season with “The Troll Farmer.” If you can remember back to May, we left off with our beloved duo, Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen, running for their lives. Liz has been called out as a Russian spy like her mother and

16 May 2015

Most Wanted | The Blacklist “Masha Rostova” Review

The Blacklist delivers the one-two punch in “Masha Rostova,” the season two finale. Even if at first Liz doesn’t want to admit it, it is clear that the Cabal have successfully framed Liz for the murder of Senator Hawkins. She refuses to run even with Raymond Reddington’s help. By the