15 Sep 2017

PewDiePie: The N Word, Apology and His Responsibility

  Once again, the most famous YouTuber out there finds himself in hot water; of course, we are talking about PewDiePie. As you surely remember, he found himself in hot water when The Wall Street Journal went all in on him finding every single piece of “damning” content that portrayed

19 Sep 2015


It’s an undisputed fact that gaming is the #1 form of entertainment on YouTube, and just the Internet period! So many casual and serious gamers have become internet celebrities because of this. Now almost every gamer is trying to replicate this success. I mean why not get paid to play?

09 Jun 2014

E3 2014: YouTube Coming To PS4 With Share

PS4 lacked YouTube early in its life but Sony is changing that later this year with the introduction of the Share enabled YouTube. The new YouTube for PS4 will allow you to directly upload gameplay clips to your channel along with view your friend’s content.

25 Mar 2014

Becoming A Better Fighting Game Player!

After starting the “Becoming A Better FPS Player” series, I’ve decided to do more than just that. So I got inspired to make a Fighting Game series as well. I’ve been competed in both genres of games on many occasions, and though I’m not a Daigo or a Justin Wong.

16 Apr 2013

Rooster Teeth Announces New Youtube Strategy And Content Development!

Rooster Teeth Productions, the online entertainment giant behind the award-winning web series Red vs. Blue, is proud to announce a major new development in the company’s 10-year history.  The Rooster Teeth YouTube channel, which has grown to become the #15 most watched YouTube channel of all time, the #19 most subscribed to

11 Apr 2013

Megaman in Acapella!

Youtube User Smooth McGroove has recreated a few songs all in acapella of your favorite games. Nostalgia overload when you hear his rendition of Sparks Mandril stage theme all with his voice no instruments required. Also he managed to recreate the Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme perfectly. Check out a

14 Feb 2013

Rooster Teeth’s new animated series RWBY – “White” Trailer released

The second trailer for Rooster Teeth’s new animated series RWBY (pronounced ruby) has just been released online at roosterteeth.com.  The RWBY “White” trailer introduces viewers to the second of four main characters from the new series created by Red vs. Blue animation supervisor Monty Oum.  The series will officially premiere at the 3rd annual RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo),