16 Jun 2016

Dead Rising 4 to be Exclusive for 1 Year

Ryan Brown got a hold of a Capcom rep at E3 and was able to confirm that Dead Rising 4 will be exclusive for one year on the Xbox One. Capcom rep says that Dead Rising 4 is a 1-year timed exclusive for MS. pic.twitter.com/RsunqFT07a — Ryan Brown (@Toadsanime) June

03 Feb 2015

Dual Review | Dying Light

With the absolute glut of zombie related games, does Dying Light have what it takes to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the pack? Or is it just shuffling it’s feet without it’s head? Story Plainly put, the story is horrible. You play as Kyle Crane, undercover operative

09 Jan 2015

Dying Light Inspired Parkour Live-Action Trailer by Ampisound

There’s nothing more terrifying than being chased by zombies, but the folks over at at Ampisound make it look terrifyingly awesome. Check out their Dying Light inspired parkour video below. Dying Light, Techland’s Dead Island meets Mirror’s Edge zombie game, is set to release on January 27, 2015 on PS4,

10 Apr 2014

Is H1Z1 Sony’s Attempt to Jump on the Day Z Bandwagon?

When Dean “Rocket” Hall released his Day Z mod to the ARMA II community it was bug ridden, prone to constant crashes, heavy latency and sudden stat wipes. But those that played it persevered, why? By combining ARMA’s realism with a zombie infested island and encouraging both collaborative and competitive