27 Jul 2015

Razer Buys Ouya, Co-Founder/CEO Steps Down

The now former Chief Executive of Ouya, and founder, Julie Uhrman has made official what financial reports have hinted at for a long time: Ouya has been bought by Razer. The outgoing CEO confirmed the acquisition over Twitter and thanked Razer. Rumors that Ouya was seeking a buyer started in

26 Jul 2015

Steam Hacked: Accounts Compromised, Community Offline

There have been reports from individuals on NeoGAF, Reddit, and Twitch TV that Steam has been hacked. Streamers Summit1G, Phant0ml0rd, Goldglove, and JoshOG reported that they lost their accounts. Reddit user ryugarulz reported they lost items from their account on July 21st when a user logged into the account and

26 Feb 2015

Battlefield Hardline Now Available on Xbox One to Pre-Load

Battlefield Hardline is now available for pre-load on Xbox One, Microsoft announced. The game doesn’t unlock until 12:01 A.M on March 17; however, pre-loading garuntees you’ll be able to play the game the second it is available. EA Access members with Xbox Ones can begin playing on March 12, but

26 Feb 2015

The Number 350, Not 360; Microsoft’s New Number Won’t Win the Console War

Inferior Specs. DRM Controversy. Fake Applause; Champion of the Console Wars? There are two things that determine the fate of any product. These things are image and effectiveness. If a product is great, but it has a bad reputation, it will have very low demand. If a product has a great

24 Feb 2015

New Nintendo 3DS XL Too Big To Fail? The Absence of the Regular New 3DS In America

 In another opinion piece I wrote, I dissected the questioning of Nintendo’s release of the New Nintendo 3DS as being either a move responding to fan feedback, or as a con to the community and original Nintendo 3DS owners. My opinion was that Nintendo cared, not conned, as they listened to consumer

24 Feb 2015

Square Enix Trademarks “Snack Truck Fever”

Square Enix has trademarked “Snack Truck Fever” in Europe. There aren’t details yet on what Snack Truck Fever is; however, there is speculation that it is a mobile game. Maybe the Square Enix response to Candy Crush? We’ve reached out to Square Enix for comment. According to the Office for Harmonization in

New 3DS
23 Feb 2015

New 3DS; Nintendo Caring or Conning?

“The Xbox One specs suck.” “The PlayStation controller should have vibrating triggers.” “The Wii U isn’t ‘next-gen enough’” Gamers love to complain. Saying that fans of the industry say things like this isn’t a criticism, just an observation (although those who say the Wii U isn’t next-gen enough don’t know jack). A

07 Sep 2014

Buy Xbox One, Get Free Game Sept. 7-13

In the words of Microsoft, if you haven’t yet made the “jump” to the “next generation” of gaming with the Xbox One, well now is a better time than ever. If you buy an Xbox One at a participating retailer from September 7 through September 13, you will get a

21 Jul 2014

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Impressions

Last week, Dual Pixels was invited by Nintendo to visit their New York City headquarters to demo upcoming titles. Within minutes of arriving, not only was a quality game of Super Smash Bros. available at the palm of our hands, but also at the leisure of  the conference room chairs. This piece

17 Jul 2014

Microsoft Slashing 18,000 Jobs, 13,000 Within Months

EMy promise to you is that we will go through this process in the most thoughtful and transparent way possible Over the course of next year 18,000 jobs will be cut, 13,000 of which are coming in the next 6 months. Nadella had hinted, to shareholders, that changes would be

26 Jun 2014

‘Wave Blue’ DualShock 4 Coming to the United States of America

Sony has revealed today that the ‘Wave Blue’ variation of the DualShock 4 controller will be available for purchase in the United States of America in the fall. Sony announced that more colors of the DualShock 4, Magma Red and Wave Blue, were to be produced during the last GamesCom.

25 Jun 2014

Crytek, Crysis Developer, Reportedly In Financial Trouble

Crytek, the developer of Crysis, has been behaving in a way that leads many to believe that they are exhibiting financial hardships. Despite the denial by Crytek, they have been late in paying the staff that it  has held on to. You may be wondering by what I mean by