The movie poster of The LEGO movie, showcasing everything that is to be expected in this stellar animated film
08 Feb 2014

The LEGO Movie Review: The Best animated film of 2014!

  There is something that I can promise you, the reader, right now. At some point in your life, you played with Legos.  It didn’t matter if you followed the instructions or combined bricks to make your own creations. All that matters is that you played them.  People around the

08 Jan 2014

Gundam Breaker PS Vita Review

Minutes, hours, days, months, years go by, and not a single “serious” Gundam game is released outside of Japan and Asia. So recently I decided to import one Gundam game that intrigued me a bit. The game I’m talking about is the PS3, and PS Vita game, Gundam Breaker; and yes

Alien Rage Logo 2
27 Dec 2013

Alien Rage Review: Good ol’ fashioned shooting!

Aliens: They’ve mind controlled us,  turned us into The Borg, converted us into Chimera, used us as hosts, burst from our chests, and have, in almost countless ways, laid waste to human civilization. So, when a game title, like “Alien Rage”, comes about, it catches my eye as it implies

07 Dec 2013

Review | Ys: Memories of Celceta

The PlayStation Vita is now a device that many RPGs can call home. The newest addition to this figurative house, if you will, is Ys: Memories of Celceta. If I were to put the game in a sentence, it is a face-paced, great storied, action filled beauty. The characters aren’t

13 Nov 2013

Average Games Are Very Good games: Defending the not great but good games of our departing generation

An “Average” Game is a good game. This generation was among the best, and the worst, in video game history. Great because of the games but terrible because of our perception of many of them. We are all spoiled. We are so used to games with AAA qualities and near-perfect review

28 Oct 2013

Enter the Dominatrix Review: Batsh*t insane!

It’s the DLC that we never meant to see the light of day. However, as you can see, it has. It’s a hidden reel of deleted scenes, exploring an unknown chapter for the Saints. It isn’t very long but it brings forth it’s own dose of awkward awesome. This is

22 Oct 2013

LTTP: Grand Theft Auto V | Review

That’s right, fashionably Late to the Party. Video games are some of the most highly costing works of production in this 21st century society where we are surely more entertained than we are informed. With a marketing and production budget that exceeded $250 million, Grand Theft Auto V is far

01 Oct 2013

The Sunday Afternoon Experience | Madden NFL 25 Review

25 years have gone by. In these 25 years the Soviet Union and Communism fell, Gay marriage has been legalized in parts of the United States of America, but the most notable thing you already know. Madden NFL 25 was released. Madden NFL 25 is a great addition to the

18 Sep 2013

Killzone Mercenary Review: The reason to own a PS VITA

Fast, vicious, brutal, and visually stunning, Killzone: Mercenary is a big reason to own a PS Vita. It’s been a road of highs and lows for Sony’s Portable Platform,  the PlayStation Vita. “Vita”, a word defined as “ life”, has found only part of it. Price, software, and the competitive

11 Sep 2013

Killer Is Dead Review: Style Over Substance

One word that sums up Killer Is Dead is Style . It oozes with it but Grasshopper Manufacture (SUDA51) just doesn’t keep the momentum to bring it all in . You play as Mondo Zappa an executioner trying to take down the deadliest criminals  and fighting his own personal demons.

05 Sep 2013

Payday 2 Review: The Grandest Heist Of Them All!?

Everybody’s had that moment when they sat down with a group of bro’s and said ” hey…we should rob a bank”. I for one have had that talk several times. There’s just something romantic to the mind about robbing a bank it seems. Maybe it’s the thrill of doing something

27 Aug 2013

Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review – Welcome Back, Sam

“Nothing comes before the job. Not you, not me. Nothing.” Sam Fisher is back, redesigned, and ready for the next generation of the Splinter Cell franchise. Following 2010’s Splinter Cell: Conviction is an improved and exciting third person shooter with a surprising amount of replay value. Blacklist is classic Splinter