17 Jul 2017

Tekken 7 Brings Geese Howard Into the Mix

Tekken 7 second batch of DLC is coming and SNK Geese Howard is joining the cast. Tekken 7 is looking to have a bit of everything with its roster first Akuma now Geese Howard the villain of Fatal Fury. To keep him faithful to his 2-d rendition, Bandai Namco has

17 Feb 2016

King of Fighters XIV 6th Teaser Trailer

The sixth teaser trailer for King of Fighters XIV shows off some old characters and a brand-new character, King of Dinosaurs. This newcomer is a lucha libre that dons a T-rex costume, complete with feathers. Maxima, Clark and fan-favorite Terry Bogard are also making their return in the latest KoF

Metal Slug
28 Aug 2014

GO!—> GO!—> Metal Slug 3 is coming to all Sony Platforms

It’s time to mount up, load your ammo, and fight hundreds and hundreds of evil soldiers and insanely challenging bosses! The critically acclaimed and legendary side-scrolling shoot em’ up Metal Slug 3 is coming to all Sony Platforms this coming Winter. This includes PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.