Early Xbox One Adopters Reporting Rejected Discs

Some gamers swear against early adoption of brand new gaming consoles (or hardware in general) due to faulty products and rushed production. If you’re impatient like me, you’d take the risk and jump in (or “jump ahead” in Xbox One’s case) so you can experience the latest gaming has to offer. Unfortunately for some early adopters of Xbox One, faulty disc drives are not only scratching game discs but rejecting them totally according to multiple reports around the web. In one user’s Vine video below, this poor copy of Forza 5 sounds like it was being shot by a MTAR-X.


Although not unexpected, manufacturing problems such as this and even the PS4’s “blue light of death” do spark fear in everyone; I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be one of the “lucky” ones. Microsoft is yet to address this issue in regards to how widespread it is. We will keep you guys posted.

Top Image via Business Insider

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