24 Feb 2016

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Story Trailer Revealed

Naughty Dog has just revealed the latest trailer for the final act in the Nathan Drake arc in Uncharted 4. While tantalizing in its visual fidelity (please be exactly like this at release), the trailer provides some fantastic story bits and hints about what we will get to experience come April

26 Jul 2015

Steam Hacked: Accounts Compromised, Community Offline

There have been reports from individuals on NeoGAF, Reddit, and Twitch TV that Steam has been hacked. Streamers Summit1G, Phant0ml0rd, Goldglove, and JoshOG reported that they lost their accounts. Reddit user ryugarulz reported they lost items from their account on July 21st when a user logged into the account and

Avengers-Age-of-Ultron-art-poster 80%
24 Apr 2015

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron | Review |

MILD SPOILERS FOLLOW While most films are delayed in their release on my side of the pond, in the case of the sequel to one of the most American of movie franchises the powers at be decided to release it much earlier than in the United States. I was, like

ScorpionFinale 100%
22 Apr 2015

A Perfect Finale | Scorpion “Postcards from the Edge” Review

Well if you tuned in for last week’s episode, it was hard to wait for “Postcards from the Edge.” Cabe resigned, Paige left, and Walter is hanging over a cliff with no one the wiser. The rest of the disbanded team is frustrated and trying to hold on to something.

ScorpionCrossroads 75%
31 Mar 2015

One of Their Own | Scorpion “Crossroads” Review

Scorpion brings more thrills in “Crossroads.” Paige is watching the news reporting about the trial of a prominent drug cartel leader. There is a witness, Maya Hernandez, who is set to testify against him. Walter gets a phone call about a new case and just points to the TV saying

ScorpionEp19 90%
24 Mar 2015

Burning Love | Scorpion “Young Hearts Spark Fire” Review

Scorpion’s 19th episode, “Young Hearts Spark Fire,” features six hikers who are lost in a Los Angeles forest. Unluckily for them, the Santa Ana winds are picking up and making their trail nearly impossible to find. Now, it’s time to call in the Scorpion team. At the garage, Toby is

ScorpionOnceBitten 80%
10 Mar 2015

Call of the Wild | Scorpion “Once Bitten, Twice Die” Review

The Scorpion team is on the case in “Once Bitten, Twice Die.” Belarus, Lithuania, and Latvia are in peace talks before a war breaks out, and they just so happen to be having these discussions on US soil. Cabe and the Scorpion team are brought in to help keep the

ScorpionGoingSouth 90%
25 Feb 2015

Dancing in the Streets | Scorpion “Going South” Review

Scorpion’s seventeenth episode of its premiere season, “Going South,” takes our genius team down to Mexico. Walter takes a case from a prominent businessman. Richard Elia is a billionaire whose daughter was kidnapped by a drug cartel in Mexico. He paid a two million dollar ransom to get her back,

ConstantineWaitingForTheMan 90%
16 Feb 2015

The End as We Know It? | Constantine “Waiting for the Man” Review

Constantine delivered its final episode, “Waiting for the Man,” of its first season Friday night. There were definitely too many unanswered questions for this to be the end of Constantine. The actors have done such good jobs in portraying these characters that I would hate to see this be the

GothamScarecrow 80%
10 Feb 2015

Fear | Gotham “The Scarecrow” Review

This week’s episode of Gotham, “The Scarecrow,” is the epitome of what Gotham has become; for better or for worse. For every great scene, there’s an awkward one, and every time you start to get a handle on the characters in the show, another one is introduced. Alas, this episode

ScorpionLoveBoat 85%
10 Feb 2015

Rough Waters | Scorpion “Love Boat” Review

Scorpion’s Valentine themed sixteenth episode, “Love Boat,” is sure to have a lot of rocky moments. It all starts with a car jacking. Some criminals steal high tech shoulder launch rockets that have a range nine times the standard and is near impossible to deter once on its course. The

Constantine - Season 1 85%
09 Feb 2015

Constantine “Angels and Ministers of Grace” Review

With only one episode left until Constantine’s season finale, the twelfth episode, “Angels and Ministers of Grace,” leads us to yet again more darkness. First, a young woman named Taylor appears to be buying drugs before her brother’s funeral tomorrow. Moments before she takes the drugs, a monster of a