Getcha Popcorn Ready, Sony’s E3 Presser Coming To A Theater Near You

Sony must have an ace up it’s sleeve because the the Official Playstation Blog just announced that you can watch their E3 presser in a movie theater. That’s right, in an actual movie theater. No more small screen, hopefully no lag or cut-outs in the stream and getting to enjoy E3 with a bunch of strangers. You get the chance to experience E3 as if you were there. I wonder if they will have a 3-D presentation? In all seriousness, if we were to read the tea leaves, we’d hope that this means big news for Sony’s presser. With the delays of many key titles to the fall and a sparse amount of exclusive content through the rest of the year, an epic presser can put Sony back in the good graces with gamers. What better way to re-reveal The Last Guardian than on a huge screen anyway?

You can reserve your tickets at this link. Make sure you reserve your tickets ASAP because the number of participating theaters is quite small.

Check out the hype trailer for the unveiling of Sony’s E3 Presser on the big screen.

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