Metro Redux Has Been Given An Official Release Date

Deep Silver has revealed that Metro Redux will be released on August 26, 2014 on PS3, XboxOne and Pc.

Metro Redux is much more than a simple up-res and release, the games features all DLC, various graphical enhancements, especially for Metro 2033 and the ability to play each game the way you prefer by introducing playstyles.

As previously written on Dual Pixels, “The two games featured some drastically different playstyles and with the Redux, you can play the way you want to. If you prefered the more survivalist approach of Metro 2033, featuring less bullets and deadlier enemies, you can play on ‘Survival’ mode. But, if you were more akin to Last Lights more action-packed gameplay, you can playthrough on ‘Spartan’ difficulty.”

With the influx of remakes leading into the “next-gen” it’s hard to decide which ones are worth your time and which are just a quick cash grab, but after having some very brief time with the Metro Redux at E3, it’s safe to say that Metro Redux looks absolutely gorgeous and played silky smooth. The other advantage of Redux is that, if you prefered one game over the other, you can buy each game separately via digital services.

Enjoy the announcement trailer below.

Check out our reveal coverage of Metro Redux here

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