Never Say Neversoft Again, As It’s Part of Infinity Ward

Neversoft, the developer of classics such as MDK, Tony Hawk, Guitar Hero, and the ‘best’ Spiderman game, has reportedly been absorbed by Infinity Ward according to Patrick Klepek of Giant Bomb to create one super studio. As to why the twenty year old studio was absorbed by Infinity Ward, several Activision executives cited the collaboration and similar talents of both studios that made their working alongside each other the logical next step. I am also quite confident that the the faltering sales of instrument based games, Neversoft’s bread and butter for many years had its part to play.

For your education I’ve been thoughtful enough to include the first part of their Spiderman game, much loved by me in the days that polygons were still novel inventions and I still bought the ‘poisonous fog’ excuse to compensate for lacking processing power.

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Eliot Rolen

Eliot Rolen

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