Orbital twin-stick shooter Helldivers gets a release date

They always say that to defeat your enemy in war, you must understand it, learn from it, exploit. But, when humanity is at steak and there isn’t any time for that, you need to jump head-first into hell to kick some serious butt. Arrowhead Studios has announced the release date of Helldivers to be Tuesday, March 3rd.

The announcement was made on the PlayStation.Blog last Friday, along with a brand new trailer to salivate our appetites for action. The trailer is a promotional recruitment done in the essence of Starship Troopers. Embark on a quest across the galaxy to unknown worlds in the defense of Super Earth. Your goal is to planetfall from orbit to completely destroy dangerous alien creatures with your squad and state-of-the-art weaponry. The title will be a cross-buy,  meaning that owners will pay for one copy and they get the other versions for free.

Look forward to defending SUper Earth when the PlayStation Store updates on March 3rd.


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Roberto Nieves

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