Pennyworth “Martha Kane” Review

Pennyworth continues to bring amazing drama along with action and surprises to keep us hooked. Alfred finally meets Esme’s father, and he does prove to be a handful. Alfred meets an American woman named Martha Kane, who has a shady proposition for him. Dave Boy and Bazza try to have a normal day but end up in a precarious situation. 

Alfred sat down with Esme’s father to officially ask for her hand in marriage. It’s no small wonder why Esme didn’t want Alfred to meet her father. Her father doesn’t support their relationship. He tells Alfred that he comes from a family of servants and will never deserve his daughter. Esme’s father also claims that Esme only loves Alfred because he’s dangerous. Her father tells Alfred that he has an animal inside of him, and Esme only loves that he has killed people. Alfred doesn’t take this chat with Esme’s father very well. He ends up pushing her away, assuming he would never be enough for her. Frustrated with the men in her life, Esme gives Alfred back the ring in hopes that he will go after her. Give him some time, Esme.

Meanwhile, Alfred is drowning his sorrows when he is approached by Martha Kane, in need of Pennyworth Security. Martha’s offer is enticing, but her pay is too good to be true. Alfred realizes that the job has some risks, but he’s willing to do anything to start his business. Martha just wants a driver and a bodyguard, and Alfred doesn’t even need to carry a weapon. Martha describes the job to Alfred. She is tasked with helping a homosexual man flee the country. Should he stay in England, he would be castrated. Alfred seems to think that this job is simple and noble enough, so he continues on without any more questions.

Alfred should have asked some questions. While Martha is trying to save a man from being castrated, that isn’t exactly the goal of her mission. The homosexual man, Ian Thurso, is also responsible for starting to build a computer. Martha is able to talk her way into getting Thurso released into her custody with official papers. They get the core of Thurso’s computer and head to an airstrip. Unfortunately, their plans are foiled when the Raven Society interferes. 

The Raven Society is there for Thurso and the computer. Alfred has to think fast. He’s not about to hand over Thurso, but he doesn’t have a weapon. Have no fear, Martha carried a gun. Alfred uses the gun to threaten Thurso’s life in front of the Raven Society. The computer is worthless without Thurso, so the Raven Society backs off. Alfred gets creative and finds a way to let the plane land which will take Thurso safely out of the country. Martha is so happy with Alfred’s services that she wants to keep him around. Martha says that she works for the No Name League, and Alfred knows that they are dodgy people. He decides that the risk is worth the reward, so we will be seeing a lot more of Martha Kane. 

Esme - Pennyworth Episode 3

There was one set of scenes that really stood out this week. Bazza and Dave Boy were not involved in Pennyworth’s Security job, so they had some free time on their hands. Dave Boy drowns himself in alcohol, and Bazza plays cards with a group of guys. Dave Boy wakes up after another war nightmare and wants to join the game. He’s still drunk and ends up getting into it with another guy, Phil. Phil pulls out a gun and points it at Dave Boy, who continues to antagonize him. Dave Boy actually encourages Phil to pull the trigger, but he doesn’t have it in him. Dave Boy tosses his gun back, but Phil is clumsy. When he caught the gun, he wrapped a finger around the trigger and shot himself under the chin. 

Now, Dave Boy and Bazza have a dead man on their hands. Bazza has some of his friends take care of the body, and they say that they are now even. At this point, Bazza is frustrated with Dave Boy. Dave Boy is out of control with his drinking, and Bazza doesn’t want to go down with him. Bazza leaves Dave Boy but only momentarily. In the end, Bazza is still there to help his friend. They even tell Alfred that their day was completely ordinary. 

Speaking of these war nightmares, there’s obviously something that keeps haunting Alfred, Dave Boy, and presumably Bazza. So far we’ve seen very little of the nightmare. Someone is killed in their unit, and Alfred carries this man while they search for safety. This time, the three finally run into their own men. But that’s where the nightmare ends. We still don’t know much, other than the three are extremely haunted by the war. 

So much happened in this episode of Pennyworth, but we didn’t see much from either Lord Harwood and Bet Sykes. At the end of the episode, Lord Harwood is seen being dumped in the middle of the road, and he looks to be in pretty bad shape, but alive nonetheless. Bet’s sister got her out of London, but all Bet wants to do is get back to see Esme. She thinks they had a connection and wants to visit her. Bet believes that coming back from the dead will be a romantic gesture. 

Editor's Rating

Summertime is always the best time for new shows to debut, but I can’t get enough of Pennyworth. The smooth pacing of each episode is perfect. It never feels like they are moving too slow or too fast. I am glad that Alfred and Esme were able to patch things up by the end of the episode. Alfred is finally becoming his own man, despite his father’s condescending remarks. I’m still curious how the season will continue to progress and where the season will end, but each episode has been exciting and emotional and always with a bit of humor.
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