23 Jul 2017

New Thor Ragnarok Trailer Premiere During SDCC 2017

  Thor Ragnarok has to be the one Marvel movie I was kind of iffy about once it was revealed. I am not the biggest fan of either main character and tend to prefer them in small doses as part of an ensemble. Well, have things changed quickly. The trailer

03 Nov 2016

A Brand-New Wonder Woman Trailer Brings the Power

In the new trailer, we see a bit of Wonder Woman’s origins of how man came to Themyscira and how Diana left the island and subsequently helped the Allies in WW1. Wonder Woman is in theaters on June 2nd, 2017.

14 Sep 2016

Lady Killer 2 #2 | Review

Lady Killer creator, Joelle Jones, crafted the world in which a 50s-60s era “housewife” has a deadly secret. From a hit woman for hire, more or less, to her solo ventures, Josie’s world is full of murder, dark humor and tupperware parties. Setting the series in such a timeframe was

03 Aug 2016

Lady Killer 2 # 1 | Review

Lady Killer 2 #1 <slight spoilers for Lady Killer 1 and heavy spoilers for Lady Killer 2 #1 follow> Josie Schuller ended her first dive into the graphic novel world in bloody fashion when she unceremoniously got rid of her previous employer. Now, she and her loving family moved to

28 Jul 2016

Lady Killer 2 Interview with Joëlle Jones at SDCC 2016

San Diego Comic Con is the bastion of immense talent just spilling through all corners of the convention center, and we were given the chance to interview one of our favorite creative talents at the Con, Joëlle Jones. Joëlle is best known for her series published by Dark Horse, Ladykiller,

24 Jul 2016

Final Suicide Squad Trailer Revealed at SDCC 2016

Warner Bros revealed the final, very spoiler-filled trailer to their upcoming release, Suicide Squad. The trailer, which surprisingly doesn’t use Bohemian Rhapsody, shows us a lot of unseen footage and gives us a few hints of the possible villain in the movie. Check out the final trailer below before Suicide

20 Jul 2016


One of the most fantastic things about San Diego Comic Con, and just about any other con in general, is the fact that there are super talented artists everywhere you look. That’s not even close to being an exaggeration. Thus, the latest artist spotlight is on Nei Ruffino. Nei Ruffino

19 Jul 2016

SDCC Arists Spotlight: JP Roth

As with most things that you will discover at San Diego Comic Con, I found out about JP Roth by pure randomness and proximity. Since she and Dawn McTeigue work closely together, it was easy to find more artwork/graphic novels that were begging to be purchased. Her novels, aptly named

11 Jul 2016

SDCC Artist Spotlight and Intro: Dawn McTeigue

Through some questionable accounting methods, I’ve found that there are over 700 exhibitors at San Diego Comic Con. That means there are over 700 people with awesome things that are vying for your attention (and money) as you are trying to dodge reckless poster tubes and take pictures with your

25 Dec 2015

It’s An X-Mas Miracle | New Deadpool Red Band Trailer Unwraps

It’s an X-Mas miracle as a new Deadpool Red Band trailer drops. The new trailer showcases a bit more of the story in the Merc with a Mouth’s upcoming movie as well as some of his supporting cast. Deadpool hits theaters February 12th, 2016.

17 Mar 2015

Judging A Book By Its Cover : The Killing Joke Inspired Variant Cover Pulled

Edgy. Edgy is a word that perfectly describes all forms of media that push the envelope just enough. Throughout the years, you see that line being pushed further and further; unfortunately we also see it being pushed back. DC Comic’s latest variant cover for Batgirl #41, designed by Rafael Albuquerque,

24 Nov 2014

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham | Playstation 4 Review

With Lego’s fourth video game release within the last 12 months, is Lego Batman 3 worth the purchase if you’ve played the other games? Does the game’s DC comics paint bring more to the table? How does it compare to the second Lego Batman game?   Gameplay If you’ve played