ScorpionFinale 100%
22 Apr 2015

A Perfect Finale | Scorpion “Postcards from the Edge” Review

Well if you tuned in for last week’s episode, it was hard to wait for “Postcards from the Edge.” Cabe resigned, Paige left, and Walter is hanging over a cliff with no one the wiser. The rest of the disbanded team is frustrated and trying to hold on to something.

ScorpionCrossroads 75%
31 Mar 2015

One of Their Own | Scorpion “Crossroads” Review

Scorpion brings more thrills in “Crossroads.” Paige is watching the news reporting about the trial of a prominent drug cartel leader. There is a witness, Maya Hernandez, who is set to testify against him. Walter gets a phone call about a new case and just points to the TV saying

ScorpionEp19 90%
24 Mar 2015

Burning Love | Scorpion “Young Hearts Spark Fire” Review

Scorpion’s 19th episode, “Young Hearts Spark Fire,” features six hikers who are lost in a Los Angeles forest. Unluckily for them, the Santa Ana winds are picking up and making their trail nearly impossible to find. Now, it’s time to call in the Scorpion team. At the garage, Toby is

ScorpionOnceBitten 80%
10 Mar 2015

Call of the Wild | Scorpion “Once Bitten, Twice Die” Review

The Scorpion team is on the case in “Once Bitten, Twice Die.” Belarus, Lithuania, and Latvia are in peace talks before a war breaks out, and they just so happen to be having these discussions on US soil. Cabe and the Scorpion team are brought in to help keep the

ScorpionGoingSouth 90%
25 Feb 2015

Dancing in the Streets | Scorpion “Going South” Review

Scorpion’s seventeenth episode of its premiere season, “Going South,” takes our genius team down to Mexico. Walter takes a case from a prominent businessman. Richard Elia is a billionaire whose daughter was kidnapped by a drug cartel in Mexico. He paid a two million dollar ransom to get her back,

ScorpionLoveBoat 85%
10 Feb 2015

Rough Waters | Scorpion “Love Boat” Review

Scorpion’s Valentine themed sixteenth episode, “Love Boat,” is sure to have a lot of rocky moments. It all starts with a car jacking. Some criminals steal high tech shoulder launch rockets that have a range nine times the standard and is near impossible to deter once on its course. The

ScorpionForgetMeNots 90%
21 Jan 2015

Shock Therapy | Scorpion “Forget Me Nots“ Review

Scorpion’s fifteenth episode, “Forget Me Nots,” starts with two military men under cyber attack. Flashing over to the garage, Drew comes in to pick up Ralph. He gives Paige a brochure of a school for the gifted in Portland. He truly just wants Paige to have all of the information

105924_d0288b 90%
20 Jan 2015

Action Heroes | Scorpion “Charades” Review

Action Heroes | Scorpion “Charades” Review Scorpion’s fourteenth episode, “Charades,” aired after the NFL’s AFC Championship game. We find our Scorpion team playing charades in the garage. It seems that playing charades with geniuses would not be fun, as Paige finds out the hard way. Gabe knows better; he skips

ScorpionKillScreen 85%
06 Jan 2015

Secret Rooms | Scorpion “Kill Screen” Review

Scorpion’s thirteenth episode, “Kill Screen,” starts with a video game world where the players stumbles upon an empty house. In the same looking house in real life, three federal agents are slaughtered after discussing how safe they were from “the cartel.” It turns out that Ralph is the one playing

05 Jan 2015

The Road So Far | Scorpion

Scorpion is a show that can be enjoyed by just about everyone. Since there are so many procedurals on TV right now, Scorpion needed an edge to make it stand out. Scorpion is based on a true story, which already helps its cause. Walter O’Brien is a real person who

ScorpionChristmas 90%
16 Dec 2014

Christmas Miracle | Scorpion “Dominoes” Review

Scorpion’s twelfth episode, “Dominoes,” proves to be an intense one! The episode starts off with some small talk at the garage. Paige brings Christmas decorations and gifts for the Scorpion team. It seems that none of them have ever had a good Christmas. Hopefully this Christmas can be different. Unfortunately,

Scorpion_Revenge 90%
09 Dec 2014

Emotion takes the Wheel | Scorpion “Revenge” Review

Scorpion’s eleventh episode, “Revenge,” starts with thieves, in animal masks, breaking into a safe manufacturer. Even though the manager tries to calmly explain that they don’t have anything in the safes, he is shot and killed. The thieves use water to figure out the combination to one of the safes.