15 Sep 2014

Microsoft : We will continue to support Minecraft on rival platforms.”

        Despite the $2.5 billion dollar agreement to buy Mojang and the Minecraft IP, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer clarified that Mincraft was an IP for all audiences, a surprisingly generous move from a company notorious for seizing complete ownership to remain competitive with its competitors. Speaking to

26 Mar 2014

Notch Says No to Minecraft On Oculus Rift After Facebook Acquisition

If you haven’t heard already Facebook has acquired Oculus Rift, while the gaming crowd is still trying to process the event that took place today in terms of the future of Virtual Reality now with Facebook backing Oculus. Markus Notch Persson creator of the widely popular title Minecraft has voiced

20 Aug 2013

Minecraft Coming To PS4

Sony has just announced that Minecraft will be coming to PS4. The digital playground of DIY gaming will now be in your next gen library. What a suprise…