07 Jan 2017

Fa La La La La | Scorpion “Wreck the Halls” Review

Team Scorpion attempted to take time away from the office and have a simple Christmas holiday. Now, we all know how well that’s going to work out for this team. They can’t sneeze without running into trouble. Paige arranges for the team to spend time at a remote cabin with

27 Apr 2016

Hanging by a Thread | Scorpion “Toby or Not Toby” Review

Scorpion’s season finale was the high intensity episode for which we were hoping. “Toby or Not Toby” showed us just how far ex Scorpion team member, Mark Collins, would go to prove that he is better than Walter and his friends. Thankfully, Tim is back to help the team once

19 Apr 2016

Fallout | Scorpion “Chernobyl Intentions” Review

Scorpion aired its last episode before the season two finale next week with “Chernobyl Intentions.” Of course, Sylvester could see the bad news coming from across the world. The team must go to Chernobyl and help to continue containing the lethal radiation before it gets out and kills Eastern Europe.

13 Apr 2016

Mission Impossible | Scorpion “Hard Knox” Review

Scorpion is working toward the end of the season on a strong note with “Hard Knox.” Linda and Walter have been dating for weeks, but Toby isn’t convinced that their relationship is really working out. Ralph is going through his trial, since his teacher stole his work. And the Scorpion

31 Mar 2016

Closure | Scorpion “Twist and Shout” Review

Team Scorpion is up against mother nature this week in “Twist and Shout.” Walter is still hesitant to include Tim as part of the team. Of course, Tim doesn’t seem to be helping matters. Tim beats Walter’s high score on Proton Arnold, and Walter can’t understand how that’s possible. Sly

22 Mar 2016

Secret Mission | Scorpion “Djibouti Call” Review

Scorpion welcomed a new member this week in “Djibouti Call.” Cabe Gallo takes on a new trainee, Tim Armstrong. Once our favorite geniuses realize someone is joining their fold, they immediately do a thorough background check. Paige tries to discourage them from looking into his past and just to meet