28 Oct 2015

No Man’s Sky Launches June 2016

There are very few titles that I have been this excited for than Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. The ability to explore procedurally generated planets, land on one planet and then seamlessly fly across the galaxy and land on another and to discover lifeforms and chart the galaxy; this is

06 Dec 2014

No Man’s Sky Trailer | PSX 2014

The wonderment of discovering what’s in our galaxy and beyond has been a part of our human psyche since the creation of man. From the times where space travel was a thing of sci-fi fiction, to the days where the space shuttle Voyager has entered interstellar space, there’s always been

05 Dec 2014

30-Minute Exploration of No Man’s Sky With Sean Murray

No Man’s Sky is shaping up to be the most ambitious title of Hello Games’ career. Procedurally generated planets, the ability to launch from planet to planet, exploring entirely different ends of the universe than your friends and possibly meeting up in the middle one day, it’s hard to fathom