Photo from the episode "Mr. Kaplan" 80%
05 Jun 2017

Immunity | The Blacklist “Mr Kaplan” Review

It’s all continuing to fall for Reddington in part one of the season finale of The Blacklist. Mr. Kaplan has been dismantling Red’s entire empire, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to put Red away for good. She puts a new plan in motion that will have dire

Photo from the episode "The Debt Collector" 80%
17 May 2017

Coexist | The Blacklist “The Debt Collector” Review

Raymond Reddington brings the FBI a new blacklister in “The Debt Collector.” Red has intel that says the Debt Collector is coming for Elizabeth. Now, the task force, Red, and Kate all work to keep Liz safe before he exacts revenge on Liz. The Debt Collector is an avenging angel.

Photo from the episode "Dr. Bogan Krilov" 90%
13 May 2017

Master of Manipulation | The Blacklist “Dr. Bogdan Krilov” Review

“Dr. Bogdan Krilov” is the latest blacklister, and he’s another person who manipulates memories. Not only can Krilov take memories away, he can alter memories or even plant new ones. And he’s got a new target in mind at the direction of none other than Mr. Kaplan. Dr. Bogdan Krilov

Photo from the episode "Philomena" 90%
06 May 2017

Bodies | The Blacklist “Philomena” Review

Now that Mr. Kaplan has turned against Reddington, it’s a race against the clock to see who finds who first. The bodies have been discovered, and there were a whopping 86 of them. All of these bodies are connected to Red in one way or another, which has turned into

Photo from the episode "Requiem" 100%
06 May 2017

Origins | The Blacklist “Requiem” Review

If there were ever an origin story that we needed to see, this was it. We finally get to see just what drove Mr. Kaplan to wind up where she did, as Red’s cleaner. Seeing Mr. Kaplan, formerly Kathryn Nemec, as a young woman was thrilling. Lately, Kate has been

Photo from the episode "Dembe Zuma" 90%
30 Apr 2017

Ghosts | The Blacklist “Dembe Zuma” Review

The Blacklist is back with “Dembe Zuma.” After it appears that Dembe is the one who is betraying Red, he goes on the run. This only makes him look more guilty. In the end, both Red and the FBI task force will know who is after Raymond Reddington, once and

Photo from the episode "The Apothecary" 85%
28 Feb 2017

Traitor in the Family | The Blacklist “The Apothecary” Review

Reddington is getting desperate knowing that someone in his inner circle is out to get him. He invites all of them to a dinner party. Red wakes up the next day in a hospital bed, barely able to breathe. The clock is on to find out who poisoned Red and

Photo from the episode "The Architect" 85%
23 Feb 2017

Friendly Faces | The Blacklist “The Architect” Review

It seems that The Blacklist writers have been paying attention. They bring us another truly evil blacklister in “The Architect.” The Architect designs, constructs, and executes the perfect crime. He goes to extreme lengths to make sure that they never get caught. Now, he’s in Philadelphia recruiting hackers of an

Photo from the episode "Isabella Stone" 85%
15 Feb 2017

Crumbling Empire | The Blacklist “Isabella Stone” Review

Raymond Reddington is under attack, so he enlists help from the FBI task force to track down Isabella Stone. Tom’s father, Howard Hargrave, was killed in a plane crash, and despite his initial wish, he starts to dig into his family and his childhood. Ressler deals with a family emergency.

Photo from the episode "Natalie Luca" 85%
09 Feb 2017

Contagious | The Blacklist “Natalie Luca” Review

The Blacklist gives us a woman who has been put in an impossible situation. Even worse, Natalie Luca finds herself in Red’s crosshairs when it’s discovered that she’s the one behind the death of his accountant. Meanwhile, Samar and Aram have interesting discussions about equal pay in the workplace. When

Photo from the episode "The Harem" 90%
23 Jan 2017

Girl Power | The Blacklist “The Harem” Review

The Blacklist puts Liz undercover in “The Harem,” this week, and she gets more than she bargained for while on assignment. Red works on a business deal, and there’s still no sign of Mr. Kaplan. The rest of the task force and Tom Keen were background characters in order to

Photo from the episode "The Forecaster" 80%
16 Jan 2017

Premonitions | The Blacklist “The Forecaster” Review

The Blacklist brings us a new criminal, The Forecaster, but Raymond Reddington doesn’t seem to know anything about him. This may be a first. Elizabeth finds a strange diorama outside the door or her new apartment. The diorama depicts a gruesome death. A couple hours later, they realize that the