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Now that Mr. Kaplan has turned against Reddington, it’s a race against the clock to see who finds who first. The bodies have been discovered, and there were a whopping 86 of them. All of these bodies are connected to Red in one way or another, which has turned into a political nightmare.

Agent Julian Gale is working the case of the 86 bodies found in the ice rink. Julian calls Ressler and asks him to work the case with him. Prior to the task force with Raymond Reddington, Ressler was working with Julian to bring down Red. Cooper decides that it’s a good idea for Ressler to join Julian if only to have someone on the inside during this investigation.

Julian wants to use the bodies to finally get Red for murder. He’s pissed that everyone just stopped looking for Red. Of course, we know that Red turned himself in and allowed himself to be used in a new task force, but Julian can’t know that. In the bodies is none other than Diane Fowler, former United States Assistant Attorney General. Reddington killed her for being a Cabal operative. Julian recreates the scene of the crime, Fowler’s apartment, to see if there could have been anything that was missed. Julian finds a fingerprint on the record cleaner; it seems this was the one thing that wasn’t professionally cleaned by Mr. Kaplan.

Photo from the episode "Philomena"

Photo from the episode “Philomena”

Ressler takes the fingerprint but is clearly conflicted. No one knows that Red is working for the FBI, and they can’t exactly let him go down for this murder. In the end, Ressler decides to take the print to the lab. It comes back negative which confuses everyone. Ressler has no idea how Red got around the print, and Gale assumes that he has people inside the FBI. Gale realizes that they have to start with Elizabeth Keen if they want to get to Reddington. Now, what will Ressler do?

While Ressler is off with the bodies that Kate uncovered, Red and the task force are looking for her. Kate is using a woman who calls herself Philomena in order to kidnap Red’s closest associates. Kate wants them to turn on Red, but it’s not that easy. Philomena inserts herself into her target’s lives in order to get close to them. She is patient and allows her targets to essentially come to her. She finds a man, Joe, who handles Red’s finances. Joe ends up in front of Mr. Kaplan, but he won’t turn on Red.

Philomena sets her eyes on her next target, Marvin Gerard. Philomena lets a woman hit her with her car. That woman just happens to be Marvin Gerard’s sister. When Philomena gives Marvin’s sister a sob story about battling custody for her child from her ex husband, she knows just who to go to, her brother who used to be a trial lawyer. Marvin is clearly too nice and gladly lets Philomena in, only moments before Red warns him that he’s a target. Philomena ends up being captured, and Marvin Gerard is later found taped to a light pole on the side of the road. Joe, Red’s finance guy, was also found by the police and may be turning on Red after all.

Meanwhile, Liz is in a bit of a pickle. She’s conflicted about Red’s vendetta against Mr. Kaplan. She feels responsible for Red trying to kill her for helping Liz try to live a new life. Red asks to see Agnes, but Liz isn’t sure. She asks Red to promise that he won’t hurt Kate. She says that she will help him find Kate and put her in custody, but she wants no harm to come to Mr. Kaplan. When Red says that he can’t make that promise, Liz says that she can’t come see Agnes.

Photo from the episode "Philomena"

Photo from the episode “Philomena”

It’s a good thing Red didn’t go up to see Agnes, since Mr. Kaplan was with her. When Mr. Kaplan says a sweet proverb to Agnes, Liz is confused. She knows that proverb from her childhood. Kate drops the bombshell on Liz that she was actually her nanny when she was a child. Kate asks Liz to walk away from Raymond. She thinks that if Red is put behind bars, no one will come after Liz and Agnes.

When Kate speaks with Marvin Gerard, she explains that they were used by Red to enable his crimes. Marvin is loyal to a fault. He says that he provides a service to Red, one that he is compensated for, and Red protects him. Kate reminds Marvin how he got in this predicament. Marvin was a week away from parole before Red stepped back into his life. He had a fiancee waiting for him and everything. Now, Marvin is on the run after Red forced him back into a life of crime by helping him walk away from a police standoff.

My favorite “Will they? Won’t they?” couple is still at odds. Samar is up for a prestigious fellowship at the FBI, and she is nervous for her interview. After having an odd interview where she stood her ground about the fear people have of muslims and the struggles of living as a muslim woman, Samar ends up getting the fellowship. She thanks the interviewer, and he says that she should thank Aram since he nominated her. One would think it would be sweet that Aram would do this, but Samar just sees it as Aram trying to please her. She says that she has always deserved that fellowship, but Aram didn’t nominate her last year or the year before. He only did it now. I’m not sure why Samar won’t let herself have anything good in her life. Someday, she needs to let someone in.

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The end of this season of The Blacklist is proving to be great. Each episode is more intense than the last, and the final face-off between Red and Kaplan is going to be explosive, I’m sure. The new blacklister, Philomena, may have been a small part of the episode, but she was weaved in well with the current storylines. Now, Dembe and Red are ready to find Kate. I have a feeling that she’ll be ready.
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