25 Sep 2019

The Last of Us Part II Release Date Revealed + New Trailer

Announced at Sony’s State of Play broadcast. We finally get to see more of The Last of Us Part II and the release date has been finally revealed. This highly anticipated sequel arrives exclusively on the Playstation 4 on February 21, 2020 , Also shown was a new trailer showing

10 Jun 2014

E3 2014: The Last of Us Remastered E3 Trailer + Release Date

Warning this trailer contains spoilers for those who haven’t already played The Last of Us on the Playstation 3. If you did play it already this trailer shows off the graphical leap from the original release. Sony has also confirmed the release date at their E3 Press Conference, it will

09 Apr 2014

The Last Of Us Officially Coming To PS4

One of Sony’s worst kept secrets in recent memory has been confirmed today, The Last Of Us is coming to PS4. While the PS4 is seemingly selling all the units it can produce, The Last Of Us can shore up the dry lineup leading into Summer and help ease the

18 Feb 2014

The Last of Us: Left Behind Review: Tender Yet Aggressive

It has almost been a year since the twisted, yet beautiful tale of The Last of Us was released. And in that time I’ve grown fonder and fonder of the game. Replaying the story can start to get boring at a certain point, and multiplayer suffers from this as well.

13 Feb 2014

Acclaiming the Acclaimed: Do We Need Award Shows?

There are a large number of video game awards shows, the VGX’s, previously known as the Spike Video Game Awards, the Independent Games Festival (IGF) awards, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Games Awards, the Game Developers Choice Awards and finally, the D.I.C.E awards, which took place last

13 Jan 2014

The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC Trailer

Today Naughty Dog released the first trailer for The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC which will explore Ellie and her best friend Riley’s relationship prior to the events of the main campaign. Left Behind will explore Ellie’s character a lot more as the playful teenager you’d expect her to

14 Nov 2013

The Last Of Us: Left Behind DLC Announced

Naughty Dog had a double header of announcements tonight as they revealed not only the new Uncharted for PlayStation 4, they finally announced The Last of Us DLC “Left Behind” The single player DLC for The Last of Us explores Ellie and her new comrade as they explore the post

27 Sep 2013

The Last Of Us DLC Revealed, Barely

Today Season Pass holders of The Last of Us finally have gotten information on what DLC they’ll be receiving over the next couple months. The first of three DLC expansions include 4 multiplayer maps, Suburbs, Bus Depot, Hometown, and Bookstore, influenced by dust-storms, wildlife/overgrowth, eerie night time, and a destroyed

26 Sep 2013

The Last Of Us Alternate Ending Must See!

Naughty Dog has released footage of their alternate ending for The Last Of Us to celebrate Outbreak Day, which is September 26 in the game. Naughty Dog has also mentioned it will reveal more information for the new downloadable content ” over the next 24 hours”. If you haven’t finished

20 Sep 2013

A Mercenary With Honor: Etrian Odyssey Untold’s Highlander Character Reveal

Time for another Etrian Odyssey Untold character reveal! Today we’re introducing the man, the myth, the legend — the Highlander. The Highlander is a mercenary with a strong code of honor who uses his spear to dispense justice to all who stand in the way of the mission. He is the

27 Jun 2013

The Last of Us | Review

For a long time now survival apocalypse themed games have dominated the scene. With gems such as Zombie U, Day Z, and Tell Tales Walking Dead. But also with its share of flops such as The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. So when a approaching  The Last of Us,  I was

06 Jun 2013

The Last Of Us Multiplayer Trailer

Yup. So this is the Last of Us’s multiplayer. Naughty Dog and PlayStation made sure they put extra emphasis on the story compartment of The Last of Us (similar to Uncharted 2) before they dropped any tidbits on what modes we could enjoy with friends. In this trailer for The