27 Jul 2016

VR at SDCC: Awesome for some, Cumbersome for others

Virtual Reality is coming in a big way. With major companies diving in, namely Steam (Steam VR ), HTC (Vive), Facebook (Oculus) and Sony (PSVR), VR will certainly be a “thing.” How long will it last? No one really knows, but I do know that it was a big thing

12 Jun 2016

E3 2016: Doom + Fallout 4 VR Coming To HTC Vive

Bethesda has officially announced support for Virtual Reality and coming exclusively to the HTC Vive later this year. This announcement is coming from Bethesda E3 Press Conferences today, Fallout 4 VR update will be releasing in 2017 and Doom will have a playable demo releasing soon. No word yet on

06 Jan 2016

Oculus Rift Preorders Go Live – $599

The long awaited Oculus Rift has officially begun preorder sales. The VR device has been given the price of $599 and while originally set to release in March 2016, due to the sheer amount of orders, people who purchase the Rift will have to wait until May to get their

15 Sep 2015

SCEJA Press Conference – The Run Up to TGS 2015

Today, Sony held a press conference leading up to the Tokyo Game Show. They showcased quite a few titles from several internal studios as well as from third parties. Of course, all of these dates are the Japanese dates, so the Western releases can possibly different. Bloodborne: The Old Hunters