Doom Patrol “Frances Patrol” Review

“Frances Patrol” finds two of the characters reconnecting with who they were before they came to the Chief and Doom Manor. Larry visits an old friend, while Cliff attempts to reconnect with his daughter. Rita is busy helping Cliff, so it’s up to Rita and Vic to keep searching for the Chief.

Cliff and Jane were inside her head when Jane went catatonic, and Vic and Rita were dealing with the Beard Hunter. But, we finally got to see what happened with Larry during that time. The spirit took him to a motel with John. It wasn’t a memory, but Larry admitted that he used to drive by the motel and was hoping one day he could go there with John. After Jane wakes up, Larry begs the spirit to take him back. He just wants to spend more time with John.

The spirit takes Larry back to John, but this time, they are in a gay bar. Larry is visibly uncomfortable even in this dream reality. Larry is upset with the spirit because this wasn’t the fantasy that he imagined. John tries to make the most of it and asks to dance with Larry, but Larry can only think about the lack of privacy in the bar. Even in this dream, Larry is afraid of what people think. The world has changed, but he’s still the same. John is frustrated and says that he doesn’t want to spend his last days like this. When Larry wakes up, he asks the spirit what John meant. The spirit leaves him notes that spell Erie.


All this time, the spirit was actually connecting John and Larry. It wasn’t just Larry’s dream; it was John’s as well. When Larry realizes that John is really dying, he goes to Erie to visit his old friend. John’s caretaker knew exactly who Larry was, as John has been saying his name a lot lately. John says that the dreams with Larry have saved him and that he’s too old to ask how this is possible. John talks to Larry about how he moved on and made a life for himself, and he hopes that Larry still can. Larry and John enjoy a sunset on the porch together, and it’s just what John needed before finally letting go for good. Larry thanks the spirit for connecting him with John during his finals days. It’s the first time that Larry and the spirit begin to connect.

Cliff and Rita go out on their own adventure once Cliff learns of Bump’s death. He takes this as an opportunity to see his daughter, Clara. The funeral is in Florida, but luckily, Flit can just drop them off before disappearing back to Doom Manor. At the celebration for Bump’s life, Clara talks about all of the important things that Bump did for her, how he selflessly too her in and how he officially adopted her once she turned 18. Bump was killed by a rather aggressive alligator named Frances. Clara is upset with the gator because not only did he take Bump from her, but Bump was wearing a gold watch.

The watch just so happened to belong to her late biological father, Cliff. That watch meant a lot to her, and Cliff realizes that this is his opportunity to get it back for Clara. Cliff is afraid to tell Clara who he really is, so he decides that he will show her that he still cares. Cliff and Rita go searching for Frances, but hunting an alligator is easier said than done. Cliff eventually gets the watch back, but he still can’t face his daughter. He leaves the watch for her, but now Clara will have more questions about who Cliff really is.

Cyborg and Jane continue their search of the Chief, but Vic is not at full capacity. He knows that there’s something wrong with his system. He grid says that he’s 63{3a19833c997fa52158a43c449fe089ff048ac0506a335cac10721cfa396ff282} Cyborg, and that percentage is continuing to increase. Vic is afraid to fully turn his grid back on, but they go in search of Flex Mentallo anyway. Jane set up a meeting with Flex’s wife. When Vic and Jane go to the meeting, they are ambushed. Vic gets taken to the Bureau of Normalcy, the Ant Farm to be exact, and Darren Jones is waiting for him.

Editor's Rating

It’s clear that the Doom Patrol work better together, as they are too vulnerable without their combined strengths. I’m not sure that the group is any closer to finding the Chief, and now they have the Bureau to worry about. While Larry’s story has been tragic, I’m glad that he finally got to have a bit of redemption. The spirit has been trying to help him all along, and he got to see John for real one more time. Maybe Larry will be able to move on eventually. I do hope that Mr. Nobody will pop up soon, since I’m having Alan Tudyk withdrawals.
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