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04 Aug 2020

Stargirl “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One” Review

The final showdown begins in the second to last episode of the first season of Stargirl, “Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Part One.” The Justice Society knows that the ISA is closing in on them. They have to band together and figure out a plan of attack. The ISA is ready to

Barbara and Courtney Whitmore 90%
28 Jul 2020

Stargirl “Shining Knight” Review

More of the past comes to light in Stargirl’s “Shining Knight.” Justin the Janitor is struggling to remember who he is, but he knows that he can always trust his friend Stripsey aka Pat Dugan. After his son’s death, Brainwave has a newfound urgency for Project New America and the

Sportsmaster and Tigress
23 Jun 2020

Stargirl “The Justice Society” Review

“The Justice Society” showcases Stargirl’s new team of superheroes. But are they ready to take on the Injustice Society of America? Plus, the ISA introduces two new members, Sportsmaster and Tigress. Their names may seem silly, but Stargirl is so great at showcasing fight scenes that I forgot all about

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16 Jun 2020

Stargirl “Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite” Review

Stargirl introduces us to “Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite.” To take on the Injustice Society, Courtney knows she has to keep recruiting new members. And if Courtney thought it was difficult to get Yolanda on board, she’s in for a whole other experience with Rick Harris. Plus, the new Dr. Mid-Nite

Yvette Monreal as Yolanda Montez donning the Wildcat cowl 100%
09 Jun 2020

Stargirl “Wildcat” Review

Stargirl continues to bring a smile to my face with “Wildcat.” After last week’s dark episode which revealed supervillain, Icicle, this week’s episode brought us a new hero in the making. So far I’m enjoying the slow reveal of both the Injustice Society as well as the new age of

Jordan Mahkent aka Icicle in his kitchen 100%
02 Jun 2020

Stargirl “Icicle” Review

DC Universe’s Stargirl finally introduces us to the man behind Starman’s death, Jordan Mahkent aka Icicle. Icicle has returned to Blue Valley and is ready to confront Stargirl. He wants to continue the plan for his “New America,” a plan to make this country safer for their children. Of course,

18 May 2020

Stargirl “Pilot” Review

In this time of quarantine, DC Universe has blessed us with Stargirl. Stargirl, aka Courtney Whitmore, is a fifteen year old girl who has just been relocated to Nebraska with her mom and her new stepdad and step brother. Little does she know that she’s about to make a startling

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15 May 2020

First Trailer for DC Universe’s Stargirl

DC Universe is continuing to roll out their original programming; this time it’s with Stargirl. The series will follow Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger), who quite literally takes up the torch from Star Man to become a new brand of superhero. It looks like the series will give fans an in-depth

06 Aug 2019

DCU’s Titans Season 2 Trailer Released

Blink and you’ll miss it. The trailer for Titans Season 2 is packed with superheroes and villains alike. It’s actually difficult to find them all. Most notably, Superboy and his super dog, Krypto, will be joining the fight. Also, most notable addition is Aqualad, seen alongside Wonder Girl, Robin/Nightwing, Hawk,

22 May 2019

Doom Patrol “Frances Patrol” Review

“Frances Patrol” finds two of the characters reconnecting with who they were before they came to the Chief and Doom Manor. Larry visits an old friend, while Cliff attempts to reconnect with his daughter. Rita is busy helping Cliff, so it’s up to Rita and Vic to keep searching for

15 May 2019

Doom Patrol “Hair Patrol” Review

While Cliff and Larry’s spirit are trying to save Jane, Rita and Vic deal with a different hairy situation. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Ernest Franklin is known as The Beard Hunter, and he is possibly the most repulsive character we’ve seen yet. We also got to see a little

12 May 2019

Doom Patrol “Jane Patrol” Review

This was the episode of Doom Patrol for which I’ve been waiting. It has been clear from the beginning that Jane has serious trauma in her past. The trauma caused her personality to fracture into 64 pieces. After Karen has had her fun on the surface, Jane is supposed to