28 Oct 2014

Grand Theft Auto V Rewards Returning Players

Double-dipping on games comes at a cost, obviously the price of the game being one, but what about all your progress and exclusive pre-order incentives for the previous years’ game? In most cases, early adopters simply get the ability to play the game before their counterparts on the current hardware

18 Sep 2013

Are Video Games A “Public Health Problem”?

It’s been a while since I’ve written an editorial regarding any particular talking point within the video game industry, and usually it’s positive. Not today. Unfortunately I stumbled upon a ridiculous Fox News article series citing some astounding studies that conclude, violent video games are a “public health problem”. Although

07 Sep 2013

New GTAV Trailer Brought To You By Egochaser Energy Bar

One of the main reasons I can’t wait until September 17th is so that I can rid myself from society and live vicariously through Grand Theft Auto V. Egochaser Energy Bar shows us in the latest GTAV trailer that middle aged men, a category I definitely won’t be in for

15 Aug 2013

Grand Theft Auto Online Looks…Wow | Gameplay Trailer

When Rockstar announced that they would show the online component of Grand Theft Auto V, they didn’t even refer to it as “GTAV Online”. Today I understand why that is the case. Rockstar hasn’t just revealed an online mode of GTAV, they’ve revealed an online world that is Grand Theft

12 Aug 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Online Blowout Coming Thursday

Grand Theft Auto V has online multiplayer. With GTAV releasing in just over a month from now, Rockstar is popping the lid of Grand Theft Auto Online; which we can expect to be just as,if not more, reckless than the campaign. Expect a full press blowout (sorry guys we didn’t

11 Jun 2013

E3 2013: GTA V PS3 Bundle

SONY has announced a GTA V PS3 bundle that will also release with a special edition Grand Theft Auto V Pulse headset. This is a good move to push the sale of even more consoles before the release of the PS4 after the rave reviews the conference got last night.

30 Apr 2013

Three New Grand Theft Auto V Story Trailers

Rockstar has three new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V showcasing characters of interest in the upcoming title, Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. First we have Trevor, a renegade hillbilly who does a ton of ratchet sh*t involving weapons. He doesn’t stop short of hijacking helicopters, cars, and blowing up those very

22 Apr 2013

GTA V Live Action Commercial Photos Leak

Grand Theft Auto V crosses into reality within the live action commercial that leaked to the web thanks to a Redditor. In photos, we get a peak at typical GTA destroyed building sides, cop cars, and crashed vehicles as you would expect in any GTA playthrough. In one of the

02 Apr 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Revealed

Rockstar Games has finally revealed the full Grand Theft Auto V box art. GTAV launches September 7th, 2013.

28 Mar 2013

GTAV Screenshots: Dive, Drive, Fly And Explore

Grand Theft Auto V is emphasizing sand-box with the newest screenshots that show the player falling from the skies, exploring the Pacific Ocean, driving at explicit speeds, and of course being reckless! When we think about the evolution Grand Theft Auto, it’s hard not to draw comparison to the Saint’s Row series

GTAV Grand Theft Auto V Artwork
31 Oct 2012

Grand Theft Auto V Coming Spring 2013

GTAV is coming this Spring 2013! Rockstar released the official art for Grand Theft Auto V showing a random yet eye candy model taking, what we believe are, front camera Instagram photos on her iPhone. Except her iPhone isn’t by Apple. But who cares!   Anyway, GTAV will be available