Stadia Logo from GDC
19 Mar 2019

Google Reveals Game Streaming Platform ‘Stadia’ at GDC

Stadia, Google’s streaming “platform” has been revealed at GDC, and it certainly has potential. By intertwining within the YouTube community, the reach and ability of the platform cannot be understated. Stadia seems to bridge the gap between viewer and content creator. Watching your favorite streamer on YouTube and want to

06 Jan 2016

Razer Announces Nabu Watch, Stargazer, and Blade Stealth

Razer showed off some new tech at the Consumer Electronics Show today, including a powerful laptop, a fully featured digital watch, and a webcam for streamers in mind. The Nabu Watch, while sharing a name with it’s “cousins” Nabu and Nabu X, is more in line with a traditional digital

16 Oct 2014

CBS Joins The Streaming Trend

On the heels of HBO’s announcement of a streaming only service, CBS is joining the streaming game. For $5.99 per month, CBS is offering a streaming service called CBS All Access. CBS All Access is available today, and they are offering a free week long trial. With CBS All Access,

07 Aug 2014

There’s Something Fishy Going On At Twitch

No, it’s not the new third-party audio usage policy that implements software that mutes streams if copyrighted audio is detected, often times muting legitimate gameplay segments. The same one YouTube implemented some months ago, we’re onto you Google. We are talking about something much, much more exciting here. Meet Grayson,

02 Apr 2014

Amazon Throwing Its Hat Into The Streaming Fray With Amazon Fire TV At $99

The often-rumored Android-based console Amazon was hinting at is seemingly coming by way of a set-top box. With a number of set-top boxes already saturating the market, Amazon is looking to top the market with its bevy of exclusive features and technically superior hardware. During today’s reveal of the Amazon