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Bethesda Softworks brings this franchise back from the dead and focuses on the more important things a game should focus on. WolfenStein: The New Order takes you back to 1960’s Europe, where you play as a soldier William who has kinda had enough of this war. Early on William gets in a coma and is left to not know the outcome of World War 2 where in Wolfenstein: The New Order the Nazi have won and have taken control over the whole world. It then becomes a journey to find the resistance and take down the Nazi. It is a basic story but it is presented very well and i found to enjoy it greatly as it was paced greatly the first half only to get bogged down at the later half but that’s where the smooth solid gameplay saves it.

Wolfenstein®: The New OrderDualpixels

When it does look good, it looks real good!

Very surprising to see a single player only First Person Shooter in this generation of consoles but its kind of refreshing. While Wolfenstein: The New Order does seem like a cross-gen title it’s gameplay holds up real solid and provides some enjoyable moments. In a sense every bullet does count, I found the weapons do run out of ammo very quickly because of ammo being so scarce in some pats of the game. It does add to the grand scheme of things and makes you think a bit in how you want to take out your enemies, and trust me even on normal difficulty you will get killed if you don’t use bullets appropriately. I would actually like to applaud them for this aspect alone I know some others will think “well there just making it difficult because of that” I’m thinking its kind of nice not having bullet sponges just in the way to advance and the enemy A.I is really out to get you which adds to the experience.

Another thing to point out Wolfenstein doesn’t have a traditional cover system, it has a leaning system which you hold the R1 button on PS4 and you can lean out, lean in, weave and duck. Which I would like to call “weapon boxing”, it’s a interesting button only because you can literally cover off of anything but at total control not attached to anything. During Wolfeinstein you are introduced to new skills as you progress, things like dual wielding assault rifles, throwing daggers and other skills. The gunplay is very satisfying those skills only give it more to play with.

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Need a hand?

Two things caught my attention one of them would be the sense of direction and having to pull up a map if you get lost. Kinda took me out of it a but only because theirs this section early on if you don’t push forward, enemies just keep respawning. I found that very disappointing since the enemies are really out to get you, made for a not so friendly experience. Even though the game may seem linear, I lost track on where I had to go easily scavenging around looking for ammo in the multipath areas.Visually Wolfenstein: The New Order can look stunning at times but you can still tell it came from a cross-gen title and not really tailored to the next-gen consoles.You will find many enemies in Wolfenstein: The New Order alot of them stood out to me especially the robotic dogs and the robo dinos.Combined with a good artstyle it made Wolfenstein: The New Order from looking not so typical. At its high points it looks incredible as its artstyle is really appealing but at it lowest, jaggies and pop-ins appear giving it that not so next-gen look. Having no multi-player does kill some of the replay value for me, only because the gameplay is actually rewarding here and everything feels just right. If they could just patch it in then it would be really golden. Multi-player would only be the cherry on top, all because the polished gameplay showcased here.

Overall if you want a new game to experience on your next-gen consoles Wolfenstein: The New Order is a perfect solution to scratch that itch. Be warned those expecting a multi-player experience you will find none here unless Bethesda decides to patch multiplayer in. And for $60 that will be hard to swallow but for those gamers who just don’t play online this game is a treat on gameplay alone as you can tell they finely tuned it for a great single player experience.



+Real fun solid gameplay

+Runs real smooth

-Graphics are underwhelming at times

-No multi-player can ruin the experience for some.


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  1. Darkus1
    May 20, 2014 at 3:43 PM — Reply

    I bought it off steam last night only to find out it was a 60 GB download. In the amount of time it took me to download it I could’ve driven to the store and back, installed the game and played it.

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